When is the AP Exam?
MONDAY MAY 1st, 2017

What is the cost of the AP Exam?
The fee for taking the exam is $92.00. Guidance will be distributing registration materials and collecting the fee sometime in February. MAKE CHECKS PAYABLE TO PM AP TEST FUND

Am I required to take the AP Exam?
You are encouraged to take the exam, but not required. You will only receive "advanced" weighting after taking the exam. Most colleges give credit for scores
of a 3 or higher.

How long is the AP Exam? The format?
The exam is two hours long. In Section I, you are given one hour and 10 minutes to answer 100 multiple-choice questions; in Section II, you must answer two free-response questions in 50 minutes.

Will I lose points if I answer a multiple-choice question wrong? Should I guess?
NEW RULE AS OF 2011 - THERE WILL BE NO POINT DEDUCTIONS FOR WRONG ANSWERS. Students will be scored on a curve of how many correct answers they have.

When will I receive the results of my AP Exam?
NEW FOR 2013 - results viewed online! http://www.collegeboard.org/ap-scores.html

How do various colleges and universities interpret AP Exam scores?
Most post-secondary schools will give 3 credits of psychology if a student earns at least a
three (3) on the exam. Click here to access A.P. Credit Information. (Specific to college/university.)


AP SCHOLAR - at least THREE AP exams with a 3 or higher

AP SCHOLAR WITH HONOR - at least FOUR AP exams with 3 or higher

AP SCHOLAR WITH DISTINCTION - at least FIVE AP exams with 3 or higher