• Feel like you need more help with SENSATION PERCEPTION???? Here is a great SenPer review

  • Videos dealing with PSYCHOACTIVE/PSYCHOTROPIC Drugs

  • More activities from the last days of SLEEP, DREAMS, DRUGS
Exploratory activities using computer cart

Practice classifying drugs
Review "What happens when we sleep"

EEG and sleep stages
Part of this activity has a "sleep simulator" where you can wake someone up as they sleep
Article - no one is getting enough sleep!
Correlation: Less sleep, increased risk of depression!
Expert answers questions on teen sleep
Sleep deprivation

Enrichment ideas - Combining State ANCHORS with AP PSYCHOLOGY
AP PSYCHOLOGY STUDENTS will create scatterplot using concept of Delay Gratification
Lesson Ideas
GPA, Self-discipline.pdf

Ted Talks

Penn Manor HS ideas: https://docs.google.com/a/student.pennmanor.net/document/d/1Gcu1y2AQEIROc4HZR24xaMkkLS3K3czr1HqDD6i0NSU/edit?authkey=CP_ateIF#