October is kindness month and February is week of RAK!

Go to website for ideas

Perform some acts of kindness for strangers and friends (preferably strangers).

Do at least ONE- more can count towards extra credit
Describe what you did; how you think the person felt; and how you felt
Then, discuss if your acts were due to altruistm, reciprocity, social responsibility or the social exchange theory**

I typed this in a wiki email, but in case you don't see it...
From mariavita to members of vitaappsych   Jan 16, 2011 8:52 pm
Hey all you kind people out there!!! Anyone care for some altruism? I was at the market this Sat. In Lancaster and a woman could not pay her whole bill. The market vendor told her that it would be okay...so he is the real giver. But when she left, I said I would cover what she could not pay. I can't decide if true altruism can ever be made public. As soon as one person knows of our kind act, we get recognition. So even though I did not want the social exchange theory to come into play, it did. The attendant at the market thanked me for paying and it sort of felt like a reward of some kind.

Good luck with your one random act. Just to let you know I am right there doing the same thing I require of you!! Hope you are enjoying the break.

Ms. Vita